"My daughter had a great day per usual, but she is singing her Spanish songs from her enrichment today!!! Thanks so much for being such a wonderful organization. I can't tell you how much we love that all our children have been able to grow and learn with you special ladies!" 
- Lynda H., current Carter parent
About Us

We encourage creative play and learning.

Founded in 1961, Carter Nursery School has more than 50 years of early childhood education experience. The preschool's objective is to provide the kind of environment and varied experiences that will allow each child to make a successful adjustment to life outside the home. We encourage your children to play and interact with other children and adults, become familiar with a group setting, develop an interest and joy in learning, and develop self-expression, self-control, creativity, and responsibility. It's important to Carter Nursery School that the children experience success and growth as they help to pave the way to independence through creative play and learning.

What do we mean by play? Click here to read more.
for your children: 
*To be able to leave parents easily.
*To feel secure in a new situation.
*To develop an ability to listen.
*To feel comfortable in talking with both adults and children.
*To realize that his/her feelings are recognized and respected.
*To learn an appreciation of and respect for differences in others.
*To be able to express anger appropriately.
*To be able to both lead and to follow.
*To learn to wait his/her turn and follow directions.
 *To encourage independence and build self esteem.
Our Programs
2.9 and 3 Year Old Program
The 3-year old program meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Pandas) and the 2.9 year old program meets Tuesday and Thursday (Teddies).  The School runs from September to June.   
9:00 Outdoor Play
9:45 Morning Meeting & Circle
10:00 Experimental Free Choice
10:40 Clean-Up
10:50 Story Time   
11:00 Snack
11:15 Singing
11:25 Prepare for Dismissal
4 Year Old Program
The 4 year old program is in session Monday through Thursday. The school year runs from September to June.  Parents may choose to enroll their child in the Extended Day Program for an additional fee, which is offered  on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 
8:45 Arrival
8:55 Morning Meeting
9:00 Experimental Free Choice
10:00 Clean-Up
10:10 Calendar & Story
10:30 Snack 
10:40 Circle, Singing, Poems, Science Experiments, Games etc. 
11:00 Outdoor Play
11:40 Prepare for Dismissal
Both the 3s program and the 4s program enjoy several specials throughout the year, including music and spanish, as well as  indoor recess in our small gym classroom outfitted with mats and indoor tricycles during the winter.  Children also enjoy several visits from Big Joe the Storyteller during the school year. Additionally, included in the regular curriculum is sign language plus "themed" projects like making applesauce and ice cream the "old fashion" way. Our children love these extra special activities in the classroom. 
Helping Parent
The Helping Parent Program is an integral part of the Carter Nursery School.  This program allows helping parents the opportunity to participate in their children's nursery school day.
Although it is not mandatory to be a helping parent, it is encouraged because both the parent and the children benefit from this experience.  Helping parents assist the teacher by supervising the project and display areas, preparing the snack, assisting with clean up and interaction with the class as a whole.
The helping parents are able to choose the day they wish to volunteer.  Many parents who have younger children at home are able to work out an exchange plan with another parent in a similar situation.  ​​

Building Our Community
To support the sense of community and the social connections among parents and families, there is a Community Coordinator position(s) for each class.  The Community Coordinator plans events for parents and families to get together outside of the preschool day.  These low-key parent-led gatherings have included Halloween parties/scavenger hunts for the children, Mom's Nights Out, and even bowling on the weekends for families.  The Community Coordinator(s) also may organize a summer meet-your-classmates play-date before school starts in September. Also, the school organizes community events for all Carter Nursery School families to get together, including at our annual Barn Babies event and through fundraising events.